James Prette, Pastoral Staff

With over 30 years of ministry experience, James has a passion to help people understand the good news of the Christian Faith. Having ministered primarily with youth, he has worked hard to learn how to communicate the eternal truth of the Gospel in the continually changing context and language of contemporary culture. James spent decades on staff with Young Life of Canada, serving in Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria. From 2004-2015 he served as the national director of Spiritual Foundations and the Director of Staff Education and Training for Young Life of Canada. James has taught courses through Regent College, Fuller Seminary, Victoria Christian Community College and Auxano. His favourite thing is to dialogue with real people about real issues of life and faith. James lives with his wife (Liz) and three young adult children.

Randy Hein, Pastoral Staff

Randy has been a pastor in Victoria for the past 20 years. After an academic sabbatical used to research the relationship between community, faith and art, he has come together with a grassroots group of leaders to give birth to Hollydene Community Church. Randy is super passionate about community, justice issues, the local arts scene, coffee, and his beloved Canucks. After all these years, the love of Jesus still amazes him. He has incredible fondness for young leaders and desires to see them mentored relationally, developed theologically and engaged socially. Randy also works part-time for Vision Ministries and teaches occasionally at Auxano Bible School. He lives with his wife Marcy and their two adult children Caleb and Sarah.

Jeff Stewart, Leadership Team

Jeff has played many roles in his communities over the years. He has been and continues to be involved in mentoring, teaching, vision planning and financial stewardship with Young Life on the Saanich Peninsula since 2001, apart from a 4 year gap to attend university in Ontario from 2007-2010. While he was in Ontario Jeff was also on staff with Young Life starting club at a high school in Oakville. He has many passions including sports, board games, and building community and lasting friendships wherever he goes. His past and current work in accounting and bookkeeping gives him the knowledge and ability to serve Hollydene as treasurer.

Lloyd Hildebrand, Leadership Team

Lloyd has been a follower of Christ since a child with the usual ebbs and flows that often mark our humanity in this pursuit. He grew up in the Mennonite Church in Vancouver and was the beneficiary of a youth group and leadership that was truly exceptional and life-forming/giving.
Lloyd might describe himself as a pragmatic Luddite, believing that the three essentials in life remain food, clothing and shelter - not a smartphone, high-speed internet and a loaded Starbucks card. As an ecclesiastical child of the 60's and 70's he is excited about the church in the 21st century and believes that much of what developed in the post-WWII church moved away from the essence of the gospel and Christ's teaching. He is optimistic about the direction of the church today and how Hollydene is a keen participant in these necessary changes.

Christabelle Hirschfield

Christabelle grew up in the Okanagan, sitting in the second row of church with her three brothers and associate pastor parents. She served in music and kids ministries throughout her young adulthood, including during medical school. She has since become a family physician that also cares for mothers and babies in the course of their maternity care. Her husband Wade is from Victoria and they welcomed their "pandemic baby" Liam in March. Hollydene found Christabelle as someone who identified as "nearly done". She was tired of culture wars and inflexible theology but the leadership at Hollydene demonstrated another way, and the friends that surrounded her and Wade showed a loving community, and this reminded her of Jesus.

Cory Fry

Cory lives in Cadboro Bay with his wife and 3 children, and enjoys the beach, cycling, tennis and diving into a good book. He works for a large Canadian IT firm with a focus on management consulting in healthcare. Originally from Langley, BC with a charismatic, Pentecostal upbringing, he really values Hollydene and its community-minded approach that seeks first to understand before being understood.

Ernie Fraser

Ernie grew up on a farm in New Brunswick and from his earliest days has been involved with church. He has served in many church leadership roles and in a myriad of volunteer pursuits such the board of Victoria Hospice Society, Young Life committee (Victoria) and Habitat for Humanity. As a team leader with Habitat, he has led teams on 20 house building projects internationally and domestically. Ernie believes that providing a “hand up” to others is an important aspect of living the gospel in the local community and beyond. He has been part of the Hollydene community almost from its beginning and feels that together we are headed in a direction that honours God. There are many things that attract him to Hollydene and the connection with young people is a key part of this.When not hanging around Victoria, he loves spending time with his two grandchildren and their parents.

Lois Mason

Lois has found Hollydene to be a safe, friendly community where we challenge and encourage one another while navigating what it means to be engaged Christians in today’s world. Through life’s journey, Jesus has been her constant rock and safe harbour. She believes that love shown in practical ways is a key part of exercising Christian faith and is what church people should be about. Retired from a fulfilling teaching career, Lois is now finding ways to volunteer and help out with some new endeavours. She is an avid hiker and enjoys music, reading and spending time in the garden. Lois is married to Peter and they have four adult children and six grandchildren.

Time and Location

We meet on Sunday mornings at St. Dunstan’s, 1806 San Juan Ave.

Service at 11:00 am

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